My name is Hannah, I am a writer based in Chicago with a background in tech. I’ve worked for 4 years as an analyst and consultant for an eCommerce consulting firm. As a consultant, I play an integral part in the improvement of the digital shopper experiences of many well-known, global retailers like Kate Spade NY, Madewell and Patagonia. This work has given me a very holistic understanding of both the creative and technical aspects of eCommerce, and the opportunity to work with teams of developers, UX designers, project managers and technical strategists to find solutions to solve each of our client’s unique business needs.

In addition to this work within B2C eCommerce, I also provide assistance to online publications to build stronger SEO practices through their editorial content. My unique perspective as a writer with technical support experience allows me to be more than a contributor to editorial teams, I provide them with the necessary technical knowledge it takes to organically grow readership and keep digital content current, engaging, and socially impactful.


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