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Overcoming Pigeonholing in Your Career

It can be a difficult to navigate corporate politics and grow your career. But factor in the virtually impossible variable that occurs when you become a corporate asset around a set of skills that paint you in a corner and bore you. Where does this tendency to pigeonhole our coworkers and corporate counterparts truly come from? And how can we be more conscious about it and help create opportunities for individuals that are seeking a new experience in their professional life or the cultivation of a new skill?

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The Millennial Misconception

As a group, we feel an obligation to fight every environmental injustice from systemic racism and misogyny to the ethics of plastic straws. We are aggressively humanitarian and vehemently disliked by our older peers. But that doesn’t change the fact that, from time to time, we need support and guidance. If the Millennial in your life isn’t asking you for help, try these approaches to mentoring and eventually all of us will be able to meet in the middle.

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