Colmar is a very special French city. Its aesthetic is incredibly unique, like nothing I've seen in the rest of the country. Where the south of France is light and airy with abundant lavender fields and rolling hills, Alsace is dramatic with dark wooden beams and heavy shutters. But, while the region's German influence is incredibly strong, Colmar manages to maintain a level of the same artisanal atmosphere of Paris or Nantes.

I primarily took pictures of the half-timbered buildings along the city's canal and St. Martin's Cathedral. It only felt right, one, because the town is often referred to as "Little Venice", and two because the colors of the building exteriors and flower beds in the windows reflected beautifully in the water below. I didn't get as many pictures of pedestrians as I would have liked, but managed to snap a picture of the beautiful indoor market and a group of street performers.