Last autumn, I was lucky enough to visit Lyon for the first time. We spent the majority of our stay in the ancient portion of the city known as, Vieux Lyon, and did enough walking up steep hills and narrows streets to last us a lifetime. 

It was almost impossible to take a bad picture of this city--particularly the old quarter-- where buildings were picturesque and the last days of direct sunlight made everything glow warmly.

The first images I chose feature two bridges in the 5e arrondissement that stretch across the Saône river. From there the pictures capture more specific aspects of Lyon's uniqueness, such as blooming succulent plants at a market, two young men skateboarding in front of the Palace of Justice, and an ornate food cart parked outside of a store at night on Rue de la Platière.

You'll notice at the end of this post that the last three images are all the same with different filtering/processing applied. I was really excited about how stunning the colors were in this picture without any manipulation. But the more I played up the brightness of the buildings and the dark shadows, I started to imagine what the image would look like devoid of these distinct characteristics--if it would change the photo entirely. My inclination wasn't far off. The black and white adjustment flattened the blocky buildings and gave the picture a cartoon-like quality that I thought captured Lyon's charm beyond the warm colors and playful light.

To see all of the pictures I've posted so far, go to the photography page! Thanks for reading, enjoy!