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It's Ok to Skip Office Happy Hour

In any social situation, there is a certain amount of pressure to fit in with the group, and meet the collective social dynamics of the people around you. The desire to conform can feel particularly strong in a setting like a new work environment. But what if those extracurricular bonding activities, like boozing at the local bar, are not within you wheelhouse of comfort? On The Everygirl, I explore the many reasons why it is, in fact, ok to skip the office happy hour.

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Overcoming Pigeonholing in Your Career

It can be a difficult to navigate corporate politics and grow your career. But factor in the virtually impossible variable that occurs when you become a corporate asset around a set of skills that paint you in a corner and bore you. Where does this tendency to pigeonhole our coworkers and corporate counterparts truly come from? And how can we be more conscious about it and help create opportunities for individuals that are seeking a new experience in their professional life or the cultivation of a new skill?

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